Day 8 - Week 2 - Color andventures!

Hey guys! Second week is here and that means a few changes around here!
Well, for starers I want to write more about what I actually do about studies, rather then just posting plane images. This way I get something to refer to, you guys get something to refer to and everyone is happy!

And so I will still be updating blog dayily-ish. The Uni is gonna take more of my free time then I prevousely thought. But fear not, I wont stop my crusade for perfection, or whathever you would  like to call it. (Seriousely, I just made that up, come up with something better please!)

Hell yeah, I got through the kind-of boring week and now starts the real fun! Aaaaand this week is going to start my color journey. I was avoiding color long time enough, but now I say, not anymore!

And as a proof here a little study for today. And I failed miserably...and don't get me wrong, that is a good thing! Now I see things I didn't really considered. This is my first streight-in-color painting and  I didn't do any linework underneath. And for that reason, it took AGES! I have to do linedrawing and save time that I'll otherwise spend on endless correcting of the proportions and shapes. It was awful to just stare at the painting and thinking, "ok now it is correct, finally" and then flip it horizontyally and see that it is FAR from correct...

So, hopefully, I will find time to do some of my own work of arts and design. Well, yeah, sounds fancy but it is not really. But hey, after all, that is why I am doin all this, isn't it? To GET BETTER.

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