Another!!! (insert Thor's voice here)
This time I went for the speed. Since the whole composition is pretty simple I was trying to capture in as fast as I could. The whole thing took almost 1 hour. But I'm not pleased. Gotta try harder next time...



Finally finished the three painting document! And with third new landscape came new struggles and obstacles. The worst part were the marbles on the left and right corner of the painting. And I still did't figure out how to paint them (...without spending ages rendering every single one). I admit the composition is not the best and the rocks on the left are literally eating viewers eyes. Other than that i enjoyed painting this one...



After yesterday's study I managed to finish the second study from the three. To be honest, I hate this one. i regret I chose such awful composition and subject. Gave me a headache. But I did the best I could to keep it interesting. To fix up the composition I tried to set focus on the middle rock whit more detail. Then adding less and less into the back. Since the whole composition is very flat the the desired outcome didn't arrive.



As you might have noticed, I did't finish the second plein air today. In the middle of the painting I realized that I  had no idea how to continue. So I decided that instead of hours of confusing brush testing I rather try new brushes on different subject. Something easier this time.
I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. Since the whole composition was farely easy I had more time to focus on the rocky texture, and I can tell you, live is so much easier with the specific brushes for specific job. So instead of muddy and blurry brush strokes from the first plein air I ended up with nice crisp rocky texture. I still have to work out the reflections though...


High Tatras

My first plein air painting...from the photo. Finding out that good old approach does not work anymore. I got cought up in the detail and at the same time wanted to let it looser, so in the end it ended up looking like this. Well, its a start right?


Livestream is alive and kickin !

I needed something to help me focus more on the task at hand and I figured that a little pressure wont hurt. And so I started my own Livestream! In the next days i will be more about painting studies rather my personal work. I still need to improve...a LOT.
So as a test I made one environ sketch. And as always, I had no idea what Im doing. You can see the whole process here on my all-new Livestream channel.