Once upon a time...

Time has come! Finally... The first post about my Personal Study project. Yep it is going to be a long long post...so this is the end.

Ok jokes aside. For my first personal study project I chose to kinda re-design fairy tales. Just to be clear the full name of the project says: ONCE UPON A TIME: THE REDESIGNED FAIRY TALE.
Yeah I know everybody does that these days but it is a great topic. The opportunities are infinite. You can do whatever you want, literally. (Ok not everyting, just the things that are moraly acceptable)

Since I have started to work digitaly only a few days ago it is a real challenge for me to do a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot) of stuff in Photoshop while I don't even have any idea how to do it.

So I decided that study is the most important thing here, and a lot of work. And repetition of course. Well, after watching Matt Kohr's Ctrl+Paint website full of great short straightforward videos for beggining artists (just as I am), I have learned that the most, foremost, important thing is to start at the basics. This means still lives...a whole lot of still lives.

So here is one I did yesterday:

Later I want to procede into figures but more on that later. So for now just still lives...

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